How Can You Make the Best Use of Amazon India Coupons?

Sankar Shubham

Most shoppers love sales and discounts and will go out of their way to grab discounted items or find a way to save money on purchases. This is something that Amazon knows very well and that is why this shopping giant offers their customers so of the best deals and discounts through Amazon Coupons. 

What are Amazon Coupons?

Amazon Coupons are offers with which shoppers can either save a specific amount of money on a purchase or get a percentage discount on the price of that item. 

Where Can I Find Amazon Coupons?

Amazon Coupons can be found either on the Coupons Home Page, or on the product listing itself. 

How Can I Avail the Amazon Coupon Benefits?

The first thing you need to do is collectyour coupons. 

You can visit the Coupons Home Page on Amazon India and check the deals available there. There are also exclusive coupons on offer, where you can get much bigger discounts on selected products. There are so many coupons on offer that it might actually become difficult to decide which coupons to choose. 

On the Coupons homepage, you will have the option of shopping by category or viewing all coupons. 

To redeem these coupons, you can click on the Collect Couponsbutton of the coupons related to the products you are interested in. Once you do so, the discount will be applied as soon as you checkout with the product that the coupon is related to. 

These coupons can be saved up for later purchases if you so desire. However, it would be wise to check how long a coupon is valid for. Each coupon comes with its own terms and conditions, so it would be a good idea to read those terms so that you know how long you can save those coupons and which products they are applicable for. Once a coupon has expired, if you have not used it, it will automatically be removed from your account. 

When you use an Amazon Coupon, the discount it carries will only be applied to a singleitem. So, if you wish to buy multiple units of the same product, do remember that the discount will be applied to one piece, and not all of the items.  

And finally, if you decide that you wish to return the product, then you will be refunded only the amount that you paid for that item. You will not be refunded the full price of that product. However, if you decide that you wish to get a replacement for the product you bought, then you will not be charged anything for that new product. 

Are There Other Ways to Collect Amazon Coupons?

Yes. There are many websites that offer coupons of a wide range of online retailers, including Amazon India. You have websites such as and where there are some really amazing deals available. Another website that also has Amazon Coupons is

On Grabon, all you need to do is click on the deal that appeals to you the most. You will notice that some of the deals have a Verifiedsign on them. This means that these deals have been verified with Amazon as real deals and are therefore safer to use. It would also be a good idea to check the Show Detailssection that is at the bottom of the coupon. These details tell you more about the coupon – which products have that discount, how long that coupon is valid and so on. 

When you go to Dontpayfull, you will see more details. The deals also contain terms and conditions that tell you what to expect if you decide to collect that coupon. You can even choose the country from which you would like to see deals. So, if you plan to do some international shopping, then this is where you can collect coupons from other Amazon countries. To ensure that you can keep track of the best deals, this site also urges you to follow their Amazon India page. This way, you will get notifications whenever new Amazon-related coupons and deals are available. 

Couponfollow also gives similar deals, however, instead of just clicking on the coupon to redeem the offer, you have to click on the coupon, copy the code that is shown and then paste it in the Amazon India link given in that pop up. If the code works, you will need to go back to this website and verify that the code worked. Couponfollow also asks for your email ID so that you can be sent notifications on new coupon offers and discounts. 

There are many more such websites, including international ones where you can get coupon codes and coupons for Amazon India. Of course, you would need to see which websites are the ones with the most authentic or attractive offers.